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The Opening
4 January 2009

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Existence Artistique on Pool

Adrienne on Memory 5

Existence Artistique on Memory 5
intéressant résultat

B. Thomas on Memory 5
This is a very interesting and creative series.

Existence Artistique on Memory 4
belle composition

Existence Artistique on Memory 3
très bel effet

Le Krop on Memory 3
Une très belle série.

Existence Artistique on Memory 2
C'est du bon boulot et une intéressante recherche

Brett on Memory 2
Very nice Richard. I like the pics.

B. Thomas on Memory 2
Interesting series. Are these your neighbors? ;-)

Le Krop on Memory
Beau et étrange*****

Brett on Heat 4
Very nice. I like the minimalist, which accentuates the diagonal.

Jean-Luc.M on Heat 3
Belle lumière.

Brett on Heat 2
Hi Richard. Nice Blur!

Brett on Ulysses
Awww. This is a great capture and I love the treatment. He looks so sweet.

B. Thomas on Ulysses
Ulysses has a very sweet face.

Emilio Garcia on Cats
Precious. Lovely capture.

omid on Cats
Lovely! :)

L'Angevine on Pee Wee
oh magnifique

L'Angevine on Cats
bel effet

L'Angevine on Cats
oh que ça rend bien

Lewis on Cats
Great series of these cute cats )

B. Thomas on Cats
Love the shot and the processing.

Chetan on Cats
Excellent processing. The cat behind send like a shadow on first look.. And then i looked closer.

L'Angevine on Nubby

L'Angevine on Monkey

omid on Monkey
Amazing portrait !!!!

L'Angevine on 103°
oh superbe ce rendu

L'Angevine on 104°
bel effet

L'Angevine on Cup
oh bel effet et superbe ce cadrage

L'Angevine on Dusk
oh génial

omid on Dusk
Amazing work!

L'Angevine on Photo of Painting from Memory

L'Angevine on Photo of Painting from Memory
bien ce bleu

L'Angevine on Photo of Painting from Memory

omid on Photo of Painting from Memory

L'Angevine on Photo of Painting from Memory

B. Thomas on Photo of Painting from Memory
I love the blue.

L'Angevine on Photo of Painting from Memory
beau bleu

L'Angevine on Photo of Painting from a Memory
bien ce bleu

Le Krop on Photo of Painting from a Memory
Belle idée. Et belle photo.

L'Angevine on Photo of Painting from Memory
bien ces bleus

B. Thomas on Topochico
Very nice B&W.

Adrienne on Topochico
Looks good in black and white

Adrienne on Topochico
Next to tortillas no less... you need some limes and fajita...

L'Angevine on Topochico
excellente composition

mauro brando on Topochico
Great shot! Excellent composition! Beautiful image!

L'Angevine on Idol
bel effet

Huri on Idol
i like it

L'Angevine on Photo of a Painting from a Dream
intéressante avec ces lignes et couleurs

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